Authorisation Of Pesticides And Gene Technology Must Be Done Transparently - Thomas Waitz

Authorisation of pesticides and gene technology must be done transparently

The public register of studies commissioned by the food industry, proposed by the European Commission, is an excellent first step. But we need far more transparency, and we have done excellent preparatory work on this in the European Parliament.
The European Parliament voted to close the loopholes preventing transparency in the authorisation of pesticides, gene technology and additives. The European Commission must not keep studies on the risk assessment of pesticides, gene technology and food additives under lock and key on the pretext of trade secrecy. Transparency must not depend on the goodwill of the food industry, whether in risk assessments of pesticides, gene technology and additives or the authorisation decision. Fortunately, together with the Social Democrats, we Greens were able to prevent the pseudo-transparency proposed by the PPE’s rapporteur Renate Sommer.