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Why the EU needs better rules to protect animals during transport

» Long-distance animal transports are a symptom of a global food production system that disregards the needs of animals, exploits factory workers and destroys the environment «

- Thomas Waitz, in am 2022-12-05

MEPs Demand End to Roaming Charges for Western Balkans

» We urgently need closer integration of the Western Balkan countries and the EU, and one step for this would be tearing down roaming barriers «

- Thomas Waitz, in am 2022-11-23

Climate change is the ultimate threat multiplier, say MEPs

» The defence sector and the military must acknowledge their responsibility in reaching the EU’s climate targets «

- Thomas Waitz, in am 2022-04-19

Putin’s war seduces Europe’s farmers away from Green Deal

» The solution is not to stick to the current agriculture model but to help our farmers change to organic farming and sustainable agricultural methods «

- Thomas Waitz, in am 2022-03-10

MEPs: Serbia’s green party does not embody EU values

» Our natural and soon official partners include the Do Not Let Belgrade D(r)own movement, the Together for Serbia party, the Action Open Citizens Platform and the We Must coalition who are at the front lines of gree values and policies «

- Thomas Waitz, in euractiv am 2022-02-11

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