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Hungary´s nuclear power plant expansion unnerves Austria

» This nuclear power plant should never have been approved for many reasons. There is proof now that the site of Paks is at high risk of earthquakes. This applies not only to the new expansion, but also to the four existing power units. «

- Thomas Waitz, in am 2021-06-07

Agrifood Brief: Welcome to the Jumbo

» Spanish authorities do not wish to appear before the animal transport inquiry committee to be questioned on the death of these animals. This behavior is insolence and disrespectful towards the European Parliament. «

- Thomas Waitz, in am 2021-05-14

Montenegro facing “Sri Lanka scenario” as EU refuses to repay loan to China

» We have to offer help simply for geopolitical reasons. China’s influence in the Western Balkans must not be bolstered. If we do nothing, we will lose one partner in the long run who will, hopefully, become an EU member one day «

- Thomas Waitz, in am 2021-04-27

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