MEPs Call For More Transperency In The Coucil - 15. June 2020

MEPs call for more transparency in letter to Chancellor Angela Merkel

Together with 91 other MEPs, I signed the letter to Chancellor Angela Merkel because the reconstruction programmes must be geared towards social justice, solidarity between the Member States and ecological and sustainable objectives. The letter was organised by lobby-critical organisations Corporate Europe Observatory and LobbyControl. The German Presidency of the Council now falls into the critical phase, both the Corona crisis and the climate crisis. For me it is clear that “business as usual” must not be the answer to these pressing problems, therefore

Let us MEPs call on the German Presidency of the Council

  • Prioritising legislative transparency in the Council’s policy-making process
  • More lobbying transparency in the Council through a reformed EU Transparency Register
  • Preventing excessive corporate influence on the EU presidency through new rules and a new culture
  • to refuse any sponsorship of the Council Presidency and to terminate existing contracts

To the letter in original language (English)