Open Letter To Thaçi: Protect Kosovos Democracy - 6. April 2020

Open letter to Thaçi: Protect Kosovos Democracy

Following the no-confidence vote of 23 March against Prime Minister Albin Krtin’s Government, democracy in Kosovo is under attack.
The announcement by 82 members of parliament that they plan to submit a proposal to amend the constitution is particularly alarming against the background of the current crisis. In our view, the proposed deal between Serbia and Kosovo is sponsored by US President Donald Trump, which provides, among other things, for the redrawing of borders based on ethnic criteria and supported by President Thaçi, may destabilise the whole region.

We European Greens, therefore, call on President Thaçi:

  • To form a stable government to deal with the crisis
  • To hold new elections immediately after the end of the pandemic
  • Not to redraw borders based on ethnic criteria

Open letter to the President of Kosovo_EP