Strongly Standing By Ukraine In 2023 - Thomas Waitz

Standing firmly by Ukraine

The 26th of February 2023 marked the first anniversary of the beginning of Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine. For a year now Putin has been fighting against democracy and freedom. For us Greens in the European Parliament one thing is clear: we continue to stand by Ukraine.

The warmonger Vladimir Putin has been waging a war against fundamental and human rights for a year now. His murderous goal is to destroy Ukraine as a sovereign and democratic state. The war of aggression is inflicting immeasurable suffering, death and displacement on the brave people of Ukraine. We continue to stand in solidarity with Ukraine: Ukraine is part of Europe and should eventually become a member of the EU. The unilateral suspension of Russia’s participation in the nuclear disarmament treaty once again shows Putin’s disregard for international law and internationally binding treaties. The EU Member States are called upon to adopt new sanctions against Russia and to fully implement the sanctions already adopted so that oligarchs cannot continue to finance Putin’s war.

Our demand is and remains clear: Vladimir Putin must immediately and unconditionally end the brutal war of aggression, the occupation and the violence. Europe must remain united in its clear and strong stance against attacks on our democracy.

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